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Dear Sir

My name is Cezary Bak.

I am an electrical engineer by profession, Manager and co-owner of a company called BEKAZET. BEKAZET seeks to engage and commence cooperation with companies that are willing to establish production in Poland.

BEKAZET specialises mainly in electrical distribution boards, (design and manufacturing) for residential, commercial, municipalities and housing development applications.

We also assemble and produce control panels and all additional components. We are using the best available parts from well known worldwide suppliers.

BEKAZET specialises in typical and custom design, engineering expertise and installation services.

We also offer sales, servicing and repairing on all types of electric power tools.

With professional experience for more than 20 years, high quality products and low prices, BEKAZET has established an exceptional client base throughout Poland. Our business is to continue in being a reliable manufacturing company, and seeks to develop relationships with clients on an international scale.

BEKAZET currently employs 30 highly skilled technicians on or production site located in Szczecin, Poland.

    We would like to offer number of benefits like:
  • Competitively Low prices
  • High standard of quality (products)
  • Exceptional service
  • Strong customer satisfaction

BEKAZET is settled in Szczecin (Poland) on Poland's western border (150 km to Berlin).

For more information addresses etc. please refer to our website at www.bekazet.pl
or contact directly me on by e-mail: cezarybak@bekazet.pl
fax +48 91 462-62-65 int. 25
phone +48 91 462-62-65 int. 14

    Your sincerely,
    Cezary Bak
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